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Happy Summer

Today is my BIRTHDAY, so watch this video:

Check out this super cool science-y video: Ball chain slow motion video

birthday I just took a shower and we are going out to dinner tonight to celebrate my birthday. Jeff’s wonderful mom made a lemon raspberry cake for when we get home. Can you guess how many candles?

Here I am just before leaving. Cameron is photobombing me with the bunny ears in the background. D’oh!


That’s All Thursday

Fun fact: TYPEWRITER, is the longest word that can be made using the letters on only one row of the keyboard.

Okay- you’re fifth graders now.

I’ll post here occasionally through the summer. Remember that you are welcome to use your moby and edmodo accounts. Spelling City is available (I published all of the fourth grade lists I made, and you can use them to keep sharp during the summer,) and all of our learning sites can be accessed on the top left of this page. You are welcome to post replies here or on posts that I make. I get notification that there is a reply, and I will respond when I can.

See you in September.


Mrs. Bieler


One last Wednesday

Fun fact: Feb 1865 is the only month in recorded history not to have a full moon.

Another brain bender from Diana: A boat has a ladder that has six rungs. Each rung is one foot paprt. The bottom rung is one foot from the water. The tide rises 12 inches every 15 minutes. High tide peaks in 1 hour. When the tide is at its highest, how many rungs are under water?

Problem of the day: What language is the official language of the country of Belize?

Picture of the day:



Two More Days Tuesday

Here is another brain buster from Diana: Can you name 4 days which start with the letter “T”?

Problem of the day: Name three countries on the continent of South America.

Pictures of the day:



dwight Here is a picture of Cameron and me with the guy from the picture above. We met him when we visited the set of the television show The Office.


Last Monday

This is our last Monday together…

Here is a brain teaser from Diana: Everything Mr. Red owns is red. He lives in a red box and his chairs are red, his tables are red. His ceiling, walls and floor are all red. All of his clothes are red, even his carpet, television and phone re red. What color are his stairs?

Fun fact of the day: The national anthem of Greece has 158 verses. No one in Greece has memorized all 158 verses.

Problem of the day: What do these have in common: sequoia, jacaranda, magnolia, cypress, dogwood, willow, boxelder?

Pictures of the day:

housewhereigrewup This is the house where I grew up.


Late Wednesday (sorry so late!)

Fun fact: The most common name in the world is Mohammed.

Problem of the day: 4537.3 – 234.56 = ?

Picture of the day:

rockstar1 Even younger rock star! I found this picture of Cameron from FIRST grade when he was in a band. I don’t remember the name of his band, but as you can see, he played the electric guitar. They did a cover of The Beatles “Come Together.”

Tuesday Tales

Fun fact: It is impossible to sneeze with your eyes open.

Problem of the day:

3452 x 845 = ?

Picture of the day:

rockstar Cameron was a rock star. In second grade, he was in a band called the “No Blah Blahs” and performed at the Hard Rock Cafe at Universal City Walk. He was the drummer.