Monthly Archives: July 2014

Happy Summer

summerHi Everyone! I hope you’re checking here and doing some of your summer computer work. I’ve only seen one person on so far- Isabel spent a few minutes on Khan. Other than that, I was bitten by a spider and had a nasty arm (maybe a spider, but surely some sort of insect.) I had to take antibiotics. It’s finally healing.

Cameron twisted his knee in the final game of a championship- right at the end of the game. He had to come out, but the team ended up winning anyway. Unfortunately, he had to miss out on his big tournament in Baltimore over the Fourth of July weekend. He was very bummed that he had to stay home. He will be going to Denver on Saturday, but might not end up playing (depends on what his doctor says.) Even if he doesn’t play, many of his friends will be there- kids and adults.

Leave me a note as to how and what you’re doing this summer… Miss you guys!