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Monkey Monday

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Fun fact: Your heart is about as big as your fist.

Extra credit:

pod091613An old picture of me:

silly9(I’ve posted this before…)  I was in the fourth grade when this picture was taken. I used to participate in a sport called vaulting. It is doing tricks on the back of a horse while the horse trots or canters around in a circle. It’s like what you see in a circus. It was really exciting being on the back of a tall horse. This horse’s name was Belle. She was a Percheron, which is a breed of horse. Percheron horses are very strong and used to be used to plow fields.


First Monday!

Fun fact:It is possible to lead a cow upstairs but not downstairs. 



Extra credit: Google “maps of the world” and discover which country flies this flag.pod090913

This is a picture of me when I was a little girl. I’m sitting on my father’s knee and my mom is standing next to us. We are not wearing costumes. My little suit was made by my grandmother out of a patchwork quilt. My mother made her own dress. My mom still lives in the house. We are standing in front of our fireplace. It is warm and cozy on chilly


Happy Friday

Fun fact: Despite the white, fluffy appearance of the fur of a Polar Bear, it actually has black skin.


Extra credit:

pod090613 Write your answer down and bring it to me on Monday for a raffle ticket. Raffle will be held on Friday.


Here is Cameron with my mother sailing at Pillar Point Harbor. The boat we were on is 20 feet long. Cameron steered the boat using a rudder.

Silly teacher picture: