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Tuesday Tarantulas

This fuzzy creature is an arachnid, or spider. All spiders have eight legs. Tarantulas are generally not poisonous to humans, and some people even keep them as pets!


Problem of the day:



3-17 vs. MHB 948_n

Cameron plays the goal keeper (goalie) on his lacrosse team. He gets hit with the ball a lot. He has many bruises on his arms and legs. He loves it better than any other position though. I think Cameron is an awesome lacrosse player. In this picture, you can see him saving a ball. Can you find the ball?


Funky Friday

Problem of the day- copy and fill in the missing numbers in the tally chart:


These are my kitties Charlie and Marley. Charlie is a boy and Marley is a girl. They look very much alike. However, Charlie has a white chin and Marley has a black chin. Plus they wear different colored collars. That helps me tell them apart. In the picture, they are still kittens. I took the picture two years ago.


This is me when I was a little girl at the beach near my house. I was making a sand candle. To make a sand candle, you dig a hole in the damp sand and put in seashells. Then you find a stick and tie a special string, called a wick. The wick goes into the hole. Then you pour melted wax into the sandy hole. When the wax cools, it hardens. You can then take the candle out of the hole. The outside of the candle is sandy and you can see the seashells. My mother had to pour the wax because it was hot. Making sand candles is a fun activity.


Extra extra credit: What is the name of this very old show (it was originally shown before a movie, but can be seen in reruns on television, or on YouTube)?



Thriving Thursday

This is a video on how to reduce fractions. It is six minutes long. Maybe it will help you figure out reducing the fraction problem that is today’s extra credit.


This is Cameron when he was almost four. It was taken at Payne School in front of the old Room 23. It isn’t there anymore because it was torn down to make room for our new school building. He seems so little here!



This is Cameron playing with my PhotoBooth. He cracks me up!