Happy August 1st

There is still a month of summer left if you’re going to an Inglewood school this year. ┬áCameron starts August 13! That’s so soon.

Don’t forget that you can still use your Moby account, Quizlet, Spelling City, and practice your math. The links are on the upper left hand side of this page under Learning Links. If you’ve forgotten your passwords, just send me an email (mrsbieler@earthlink.net.)

There are teacher meetings on August 27 and 28. We’ll be learning about new curriculum.

We have been very busy this summer, mostly with Cameron’s lacrosse tournaments. The picture below is from a tournament in Rancho Bernardo with his Factory Platinum team. It was VERY hot and humid that weekend. I felt as though we had traveled to Africa.


I drove by Payne, and Rooms 1-4, Rooms 15-16, Rooms 31-33, and the portable bathrooms are all gone. There is a new fancy sign on the north end of the school, where Room 33 (Mr. Olsen’s class) used to be. The new buildings are not ready yet. The workers are still busy building. Check out the pictures:


Looking south towards office. I’m standing in the area of Room 32.



This is peering in the front gate towards the lunch benches. The dirt patch in the middle is where Room 1 used to stand.



This picture is where Room 31 used to stand. It’s all gone now!



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